Broseley’s Neighbourhood Plan Team has considered the responses from the public consultations so far alongside the development that national and county planning policy requires from the Town.

The group has produced a Strategy Paper ( see a link to download the document below) that will guide the further development of the Plan. These are the options that we think meet the requirements for the area whilst offering a considerable degree of planning protection for our Town.

We will present this paper at a public meeting on May 15th at Broseley’s Social Club. There will also be an opportunity to give your opinion via a full consultation delivered to every home in Broseley over the summer.

For those new to the process – a Neighbourhood Plan sets out where new homes, shops and offices might be built, and allows a community a say on what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided. But it’s more than that – it’s a way for an area to set out its priorities for the future, not just for housebuilding, but for roads, services, leisure, essential infrastructure … all the things that matter to a community. A steering group set up by Broseley Town Council has been looking into the idea of a plan since December 2017.

A successful Plan would be a legal Planning document; setting out the development needs for the area, and offering real planning protection against unwanted and unsuitable development in our neighbourhood.